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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

End Of October, 2018

Phase I - Is The Park Really Ready?

Phase I of the Jean Sweeney Park construction is finally finished. One final touch was for the parking spaces to be painted in the parking lot. The fences at park ends at Sherman Street and Constitution Way will come down for the opening day ceremonies on December 15th and stay down. The entire length of the park will be available even though the West end and the middle are waiting for grants to continue the development.

Stripping The Parking Lot

One of the final steps was for City instpectors to walk through out the new park to see if every thing is completed correctly. It took several hours but every thing was looked at to make sure it was ok per the engineering drawings.

Great Lawn Area

All the big construction equipment is finally gone. There is a park here, finally after 20 years, just waiting for the grass to grow deep roots so we can play on it.

Railroad Ticket Satation Under Construction

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Published on:  November 12, 2018