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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

Sponsor A Park Bench

Bench Orders For Phase I Are Closed

The Recreation & Parks Department is finalizing the order to be placed for the memorial benches. Enough orders were received to cover all the benches planned for Phase I of the park construction.

Benches within the Jean Sweeney Park are now available for sponsorship. Your sponsored bench can include memorial or acknowledgment plaques.

Alameda Recreation & Parks has asked the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund to manage the bench project. We will collect the funds and maintain records for ARPD. When enough funds have been collected, ARPD will purchase the park benches in groups of 10 to 20 to allow saving on shipping charges.

Memorial or dedication plaques must be purchased and engraved by the individuals sponsoring a bench. The plaque should be metal and sized 1-7/8” x 9-7/8”. Examples of the plaques can be seen here.

There are two style of benches to choose from. View the bench styles here. We will notify you when the benches have been delivered so you can deliver your plaque to the Recreation & Parks Department for placement. Engravers are available locally or on the Internet.

Questions about sponsoring a bench can be sent to us by using the "Contact Us" link on the right side of this page.

Payments can be made by check (preferred) or by PalPal. See the application form here.

Partial donations will also be accepted and will be pooled with other partial donations to sponsor a bench. Partial benches will not have a plaque.

Update: With the delay in approvals for the Cross Alameda Trail, both construction for the Cross Alameda Trail and the East end will start in the summer 2017. Benches will be placed during both projects.

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Published on:  June 23, 2016