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March 30, 2018
East End Construction Continues!
Construction workers pour concrete retaining walls.

In this video, watch the construction workers pour concrete into the forms that will be the playground area. Other workers are buiding a rock wall on top of the hill. The hill will have a slide down to the playground. Other workers are constructing forms for the plaza and picnic pavilion areas.

The Cross Alameda Trail section within the park has been completed end to end. Several medallions along the path are complete and street lights are operating at night time. Trees have been planted in the path and the center of the madallions. Large bolders are placed in the medium between the bike and walking trails.

To see a video of the progress throught March 30, 2018,
scroll down to the large arrow.

Playground forms are ready for concrete.             Stone wall on hill top

building playground forms building stone wall on hill

Click on the arrow to start the video.

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Published on:  July 3, 2018