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Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund

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The Jean Sweeney Open Space Park is an unfunded project. Donations are needed to design, develop, and to maintain the park years into the future. There are essentially three ways to donate; providing services, providing materials, and providing funding. All of these items are necessary to build this park which will be a very large undertaking. The first project was the community gardens clean up. Additonal work will also be divided into different sections and different projects. To donate to a specific project, send a note to us from the Contact Us page.

All donations made thru the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund will be used to benefit the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park.

Donations given "In Memory Of"

  • Check: To donate by check, make payable to Jean Sweeney Open Space Park Fund and mail check to 2201 Shoreline Dr. PO Box 1789, Alameda, CA 94501

  • PayPal: To donate funds thru PayPal, click on the "Donate" button on the right side of this page. PayPal now allows credit card payments through their system. After clicking on the "Donate" button, select either PayPal or Credit Card. After entering the donation amount there is the opportunity to enter a message regarding the donation. Click on the "Add special instructions to the seller" box. Please leave the address where the tax deductable receipt will be sent and any instructions if the donation is to be directed toward a specific project or fund raising effort.

  • Volunteer Service: Volunteers can choose many different opportunities to benefit the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park.
    People can participate in "ARPD scheduled clean up days" at the park, donate professional skills such as electrical, lighting, landscaping, etc, and participate in special projects that benefit the park. To be added to the volunteer list, send email to volunteer@sweeneyopenspacepark.org. Please include your name in the body of the email.

  • Donate Materials: At this point in the development of the park, donating physical objects is not recommended. It's better to donate funding toward a specific part of the park development such as play ground equipment, picnic facilities, even planting efforts for a few suggestions. Once the maintenance phase begins, donations of physical objects will be considered.

    To offer service or material donations, go to our Contact Us page to let us know what you can do.

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Published on:  November 11, 2016